About Us

The Christopher Carter Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to promoting the prevention, early detection and active management of diabetes. We were formed following the tragic loss of a tremendous individual and our goal is to simply make a difference in the fight against this terrible disease. 

Since our inception, we have successfully raised over $125,000 to help fight diabetes and extend care to those battling the disease. This is a huge credit to our amazing sponsors and benefactors that continue to support us year after year.


We were not formed with any large sum of start-up money or any significant grant, so this truly is an experiment in seeing what a few motivated individuals can do without much more than some big dreams and a deep desire to honor a beloved friend.


What We Do


The main way we aim to make a difference is through a partnership with the Virginia Hospital Center (VHC) located in Arlington, VA. We are working with the Virginia Hospital Center Foundation, which is a fully recognized 501(c)3 charitable organization. As part of our partnership with VHC, they have created the Christopher Carter Memorial Fund. The purpose of this fund will be to subsidize diabetes education, prevention and treatment at Virginia Hospital Center (VHC). 100% of all money donated to this fund will be used for this specific purpose. In other words, every penny of your donations will go directly towards this great cause.


Who We Are


Our Board of Directors is simply a collection of volunteers committed to taking a devastating loss and turning that loss into something positive in the diabetes community. We all have full time day jobs, so running this organization is truly a labor of love, so to speak. Chris is our inspiration in that he defined true friendship in such a special way – he always gave of himself with absolutely no expectation of receiving anything in return. The Christopher Carter Foundation hopes to take that spirit of kindness and friendship and turn it into a powerful vehicle in the fight against this terrible disease.


How You Can Help


The Christopher Carter Foundation exists because of your support, donations and interest. If you would like to contribute financially to our cause, we have a number of ways you can do so. Click here to learn the ways to donate.