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How We Raise Money

The Christopher Carter Foundation raises money through the generosity of people like you! Every year, we host a series of fundraising events such as our annual TCCF Memorial Golf Tournament and our Christopher Carter Memorial Twilight 5K. We receive donations and sponsorships through these events, as well as other opportunities throughout the year.

We have partnered with the Virginia Hospital Center (Arlington, VA) to establish The Christopher Carter Memorial Fund. The purpose of this fund is to subsidize diabetes education, prevention and treatment at Virginia Hospital Center (VHC). 100% of all money donated to this fund is used for this specific purpose. In other words, every penny of your donations goes directly towards this great cause. No gift is too small, so if you would like to donate today, please visit our Donate section (link also found in the left navigation bar).

Since 2010, we have raised over $200,000 for our fund! That money is now being put into action in the local Northern Virginia community. The VHC Foundation is directing the use of our funding towards two parallel efforts that will foster both early detection of diabetes and high quality treatment of the disease.

Community Outreach

The rates of diabetes in minority communities are staggering. To focus on the needs of the African American community in Arlington, several churches hold two health fairs regularly in order to address a wide range of health issues. Virginia Hospital Center’s Health Promotions Department is involved with this effort.  They have created a diabetes-specific health booth that offers a diabetes diagnostic test called the A1c test to screen for diabetes along with a healthcare questionnaire to assess risk.

One of the challenges with screening for diabetes is that an individual blood sugar reading with a glucose monitor is not an accurate diagnostic tool as it’s immediately affected by what the person just ate (fasting is needed to be accurate).  The A1c test was adopted by the American Diabetes Association as a screening measure in 2009 as it provides a 3 month snapshot of blood sugar control.  Previously this test was used in the management of diabetes, not in the screening. 

With the use of our funds, the VHC is offering this critical test first in many areas that serve groups that are at a high risk for diabetes. This effort goes to the heart of our organizational mission by identifying people with pre-diabetes and undiagnosed diabetes and referring them for treatment.  

Diabetes Center of Excellence

Together with the Virginia Hospital Center, we are proud to announce that the VHC has achieved full accreditation as a national center of excellence for its diabetes program through the Joint Commission's Certificate of Distinction for Inpatient Diabetes Care! This accreditation recognizes hospitals that make (and maintain) exceptional efforts to foster better outcomes across all inpatient settings. This achievement was due in no small part to the significant money our organization has been able to raise over our short four year history!

The process of achieving accreditation was complex, with Virginia Hospital Center needing to invest in staff education and the creation of policies and practices that align their practices with these requirements. The first step in achieving accreditation is a self-assessment and gap analysis followed by a systematic process for achieving the requirements. The final step is an actual review by the Joint Commission to earn accreditation, which the VHC passed in late 2013!

In terms of providing the highest quality of care and the best outcomes, this initiative is providing meaningful and measurable improvements for diabetic patients while in the hospital and after discharge.