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The Chris Carter Story

The person born with a talent they are meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it.


Chris Carter is the inspiration behind the formation of The Christopher Carter Foundation. Chris was a man perhaps best described as a “professional friend” – someone who gave away much more than he ever took in. He brought love, laughter, energy and intelligence to everything he set his mind to accomplishing and to every relationship he entered in to.


Chris grew up in the small Virginia town of Lexington. The youngest of four siblings, Chris always showed a knack for making people smile and laugh, and setting folks around him at ease. Chris never let anything get in the way of his desired achievements. He did well in school, made a great deal of close friends and, after successfully completing his high school academics, was accepted to nearby James Madison University for undergraduate studies (just up the road from his hometown of Lexington, VA - in Harrisonburg, VA).


At JMU, Chris’ universe of friends and experiences expanded like never before. He joined a fraternity (Alpha Kappa Lambda) within which he was soon elected to an officer’s position. He served the university as a new student orientation guide and helped incoming freshmen start to learn about what makes JMU so special. But mainly, Chris had a smile and an open heart for everyone that came his way. His laughter was infectious and his ability to make others around him laugh was one of his most recognizable, and memorable, traits. When he graduated in the Spring of 1997 with a B.S. in Communication, Chris likely counted nearly half the JMU campus as his friend.


Following his graduation, Chris moved to Northern Virginia and took a job as a manager at Hecht's department store. After a few years with Hecht's, Chris realized a professional calling and became a recruiter. Recruiting was the perfect match to his skill set, and although he had to take a significant pay cut to start a new professional path, he absolutely loved his new choice. He quickly rose through the ranks and became a senior technical recruiter - first for Spherion and then, ultimately, for IBM.


Out of his many exceptional traits, perhaps his most unique was a penchant for making connections. If you went into a crowd with Chris, it wasn’t long before he was introducing you to three or four people he just met. He broke the ice, broke down barriers and encouraged people to get to know one another. He made time for his friends like nobody else. If you had a problem, Chris was right there to help you talk through its solution. If you needed a hand with something, Chris was the first to volunteer and the last to leave your side until things were complete. Chris was always the first to give to a good cause and usually he was the most generous.


In the Spring of 2009, Chris became very ill due to complications from a diabetic condition (one he didn’t know he had). Sadly, he passed away due to the complications resulting from this illness. In an effort to ensure that his spirit of caring and extending a helping hand lives on, this Foundation was formed. Chris touched the lives of so many people in such a positive way, it seems only fitting for this organization to continue that life’s work.