We have partnered with the Virginia Hospital Center (Arlington, VA) to establish The Christopher Carter Memorial Fund. The purpose of this fund will be to subsidize diabetes education, prevention and treatment at Virginia Hospital Center (VHC). 100% of all money donated to this fund will be used for this specific purpose. In other words, every penny of your donations will go directly towards this great cause. No gift is too small (or too large, of course)!

Donations are accepted through the following mechanisms:

(1) VHC Online
(2) Mail

VHC Online

To make a donation to the fund using the VHC's secure online form, please follow these steps:

1. Click here to go to the Charitable Giving section of the Virginia Hospital Center Web site. (Note: This will open a new browser window for you when you click on the link.)

2. Complete the online form found on that page and use your credit card to make the donation.

3. IMPORTANT NOTE: In order for your money to get routed in to The Christopher Carter Memorial Fund, it is critical that you pay particular attention to the following section of the online form:

- When you get to this portion of the form, please select "Other" from the drop down menu below "I would like to contribute my gift to the following area(s) of the Hospital" prompt.

- Type in "The Christopher Carter Memorial Fund" in the text box that will appear just below the drop down selection (as shown above).

- And optionally, you may type in "Christopher Carter" when answering who the gift is made in memory of.

Additionally, we have heard some reports that the online form may not work properly if you are using a much older Web browser. If you experience any issues using the online form, please feel free to use the suggestions below under the header "Other Ways to Give" to print out a form and mail in a check for your gift.
All gifts to the Virginia Hospital Center Foundation and to The Christopher Carter Memorial Fund are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Once you make your donation, the VHC can provide you with the necessary receipt for your gift.


To make a donation to the fund using standard mail, you can print out the form (online), complete it and mail with your gift to:

Virginia Hospital Center Foundation
1701 N. George Mason Drive
Arlington, VA 22205